Friday, May 6, 2016

You know it's rugby, rugby league season when...

You know it's rugby, rugby league season when the boys' touch games at lunchtime, turn in to tackle. So yesterday there were 3 groups of boys who wanted to do that - the Year 2 boys (pictured), a larger group of Year 4/5 boys and a Year 6 group.

We don't allow any tackle games at lunchtime unless there's an adult refereeing, they have a mouthguard and a change of clothes.

But a compromise is a game of "held".  In the game of held they basically just "hold" the player - they don't tackle them around the legs and they don't try and get the player to the ground. Rules vary with each group, they like to kick and there's no ruck or 'play the ball' when someone's held. They just offload it to someone else in their team.  As you can tell in the photo, the boys were very happy to play this.