Sunday, March 2, 2014

Year 5 & 6 Softball Tournament

Since the first day of school, we had 45 Year 5 & 6 boys and girls turn up to 3 trials for 2 mixed softball teams.  Our softball teams compete once a year at the annual Tamaki Sports Cluster tournament at the Mt Wellington War Memorial Reserve on Dunkirk Road in Panmure.  It was difficult to try and pick some players but because we were able to find enough coaches, we were pleased that just about everyone got selected to play at the tournament.  Thank you coaches - you helped make it possible!

The results of the tournament:
Year 5 'Blue' team - 1st place (coached by Timmi Nouata)
Best Player: Zack Stephenson, Best Batter: Christian Lilo, Best Fielder: Cody West

Year 5 'Red' team - 3rd place (coached by Priscilla Lavakula)
Best Player: Judah Penu, Best Batter & Most Fairest: Tevita TJ Paniani, Best Fielder: Emmanuel Taka

Year 6 'Red' team - 1st place (coached by Sally Va'afusuaga & Tyson Puru)
Best Player: Sohel Mohammed, Best Effort: Elizabeth Uea, Most Improved: Owen Lemusu

Year 6 'Blue' team - won 2 games, lost 2 games (coached by Tyson Puru)
Best Player: Johnlee Hovell, Best Batter: Tevita Smith, Best Fielder: Rowana Tui, Great Effort: Ryan Bohea

The full results and team lists can be found on our 'Sports' Site.