Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rules for Under 11's and Under 13's

Do you know the rules for school kids playing rugby?
The Auckland Rugby Union publishes them on their website, but they are a bit hard to find. 
We have uploaded them here.
Hope you can read them!

More Rugby basics

This video is taken from a well known game :)
You will find this very easy to understand.
If you want to know about the offside rule, skip through this video to 1m 20 and watch closely as the man explains. You never need to get offside again!

Rugby for Beginners

This video was made to explain the game of rugby to Americans!
We think that lots of New Zealanders might even find this useful if they don't know much about rugby. What do you think?

Tackling techniques - Part 1

The laws of the tackle - Part 1

Tackling techniques - Part 2

The laws of the tackle - Part 2

Tackling techniques - Part 3

Part three of the laws of the tackle; 2007