Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thank you for voting!

We got the grant!  Yes, a netball grant from the ANZ bank.  So yippeee!  It was because you viewed our movie and voted for our teams which helped make this all possible.  The judges said that there were a number of quality entries but felt that we were deserving of a grant.  So thank you for supporting our girls.

They will be sponsoring 10 sets of uniforms (skirt and top) for one team, bibs, a gear bag, 3 training balls and a match ball.  This can cost up to $1000 so we're very happy and very grateful for this.

Our season begins in a couple of weeks time with the Years 6 - 8 teams competing on Tuesday evenings and our Years 1, 4 & 5 teams will be competing on Thursday evenings at the AMI Auckland Netball Centre.  We can't wait for the season to begin!

Here are the other recipients:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vote for our netball teams!

This year we're excited to announce that we have 11 netball teams.  Well, soon to be 12!  Our teams are the: Year 1 Princesses (Pink & Purple teams), Year 4 Patriots, Year 4 Panthers, 2 Year 5 teams, 2 Year 6 teams, 2 Year 7 teams and 2 Year 8 teams.  More teams, means more new uniforms so this is where we need your help.

If you watch the movie clip, you'll see that it was created to support our application for an 'ANZ Courtside Grant' to help us purchase new netball gear.  We need uniforms for the new teams we've formed over the last couple of years and to replace the ones that we've had for almost 9 years because they're graciously falling apart.

Our beautiful girls love playing netball so please help them by voting on the ANZ website.

So click on this link first:


Then to register your vote, you need to click on 'vote' then login your details in the part where it says: Haven't joined yet?  Join ANZ Courtside now>

Thank you so much if you have!  If you're unable to, then feel free to come down and support the girls who play at the AMI Auckland Netball Courts on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting next month until the end of August.  Go girls go!