Sunday, March 18, 2012

NZ Warriors with the Year 7&8 Campers at Swimarama

Warriors on camp... from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

"This is the best last day of camp ever!!" Many excited Year 7 and 8 students couldn't help but say this as they looked on to one of their favourite NRL rugby league teams, the New Zealand Warriors.

At our local pool, Swimarama (Lagoon Leisure Pools) - the Warriors arrived to do some training at the pools. None of the children knew this was going to happen so it was a huge treat for the campers. This is how we typically wind up our 3 day camp where tents are pitched on our very own school fields and all events and activities are local.

Thanks to the Warriors for making this such a memorable camp for the Year 7 and 8 students of Pt England School.
Go the Warriors!


Kifi said...

Hello Rugby Team

I like your video on the Vodaphone Warriors and I Think it would of been fun getting to see them.


Teagan said...

Hi Pt England,

Cool that you got to see them.I like your video and it looked very fun.


Miss Va'afusuaga said...

Hi Kifi and Teagan,

Thank you for your nice comments. It definitely was a highlight for the boys and girls that day at the pools!

Miss Va'afusuaga :)

Addnan said...

Hi Point England

Was It Fun getting to see the Vodafone Warriors? Did You get any signatures? Your Video made me feel like going to the pools.

Addnan from Room 5 At PBS

Jeffrey said...

Hello Point England,
It sounds like seeing our heroes the Warriors was the best part of your school camp. I have not seen the warriors before but it will be cool if I got the chance to I will go crazy and the only time I have seen them was on television.

Brandon mau said...

hello pt england
nice stuff.I think it was amazing for you
guys to see the actual NRL warriors.I hope
it was a great day for you guys.I wish i was there with you guys.keep it pt england,you guys have amazing stuff

Arapeta said...


I like your video with the Vodafone Warriors and it would of been fantastic meeting them. Cool Post

benjamin said...

i liked your video .

Anonymous said...

You are very lucky to see the warriors.

Central said...

I saw them and ran on the fied with the warrios