Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NZ AIMS Intermediate Rugby 7's Champions 2011

National Seven's Champions 2011 - AIMS games from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

We did it!!! Our school rugby sevens' team are the NZ Intermediate Champions for 2011! Our team took part in the NZ AIMS games in Tauranga last week where we were one of 32 schools competing for the sevens' national title.

The team dominated the tournament with their elusive attacking and outstanding defence work. We were fortunate to have Gordan Tietjens, the most respected NZ Sevens' Team coach in the world, give our team and coaching staff, some helpful tips to win the tournament.

Cambridge Middle School 50-0, Whangarei Intermediate 32-5, Bethlehem College 79-0, Kaitaia Intermediate 48-7, Shirley Road Intermediate 55-0, Tuakau College 43-0, Northcross Intermediate 52-0, Chisnalwood Intermediate 41-0, Peachgrove Intermediate 27-7, Royal Oak Intermediate 22-0, Semi Final: vs Pongakawa Intermediate 40-10, Final: vs Royal Oak Intermediate 31-5

Top Points Scorers: Raven Takerei 100 Points, Charm Rameka 18 tries

Zane Keni, Charm Rameka, Raven Takerei, Feki Taukafa, Tanielu Tele'a, Jonty Timoti

Point England Rugby 7's Team: Ieremus Kelemete, Zane Keni, Tamati McPherson, Junior Mokoi, Sione Muaiava, Cruz Ona-Sue, Charm Rameka, Tyler Rameka, Jordan Schwenke, Raven Takarei, Feki Taukafa, Tanielu Tele'a and Jonty Timoti (captain). Coaching and managment staff were: Sally Va'afusuaga (coach & manager) Ray Tele'a (trainer), Paulina Rameka & Andrea Tele'a (assistant managers), Annie Hill (chef & support staff in Tauranga)

It was an amazing experience that we will always remember and treasure.


dj shirquera said...

Hi Tamati I liked how you snached the ball off the other team well done boys from shirquera and Dj

Michael said...

HI im Michael I really liked your video because you named all the players and there jersey numbers. I also liked the music that you put on.

Miss Va'afusuaga said...

Hi Michael,

This is a very belated reply but thank you for your supportive comment. I like how the players are introduced in the short movie clip too!

That's just the first of 3 parts of the movie about their tournament. The boys are now at high school this year, so you'll have to keep watching this blog to see our new, up and coming players.

Miss Va'afusuaga :)

Anonymous said...

Is New Zealand's main sport rugby? How about football/soccer? I love Football! American football is similar to rugby; rugby is the origin of American football.

Keep up the great work to all of you! Make your school, country, yourself, and teacher proud!