Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Rugby basics

This video is taken from a well known game :)
You will find this very easy to understand.
If you want to know about the offside rule, skip through this video to 1m 20 and watch closely as the man explains. You never need to get offside again!


Mrs Tele'a said...

This is so helpful! Have loved watching rugby games live, and now this blog will help me learn the proper terms and ways to play it.

Makerita said...

These tips are so cool. I think these can help me with my rugby games. Thanks for the tips. I am sure to be an expert on rugby now.

isara said...

I know how to play rugby now it was so helpfull.

Savannah Adams said...

@Mrs Tele'a: Watching rugby games is like watching football, too. But I think rugby is more exciting and more intense. My husband bought some tickets and he's going to fly next week to watch the game this season. This sport is cooler than other sports, I think.

I think it's time to join my hubby in his rugby addiction.